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This course has been very useful for me to understand different topics within an Islamic setup Allhamdullillah. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and completed it to the best of my knowledge Allhamdullillah. I will recommend it to everyone. Well done Albalagh Academy you have done a wonderful job!

Duas for all who made it possible.

Jazak Allah khair. May Allah reward you, Ameen.

Aneela Tauqeer


Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatu

I pray the organisers and the organisation is playing a brilliant role during this difficult time and getting us avail the knowledge on different topics which are essential for life.I have enjoyed those sessions and really admire each every presentation.

May Allah swt reward you all for the amazing hard work.

Rowshanara Chowdhury


Alhamdulillah. it’s been an honour being part of the Albalagh family for Fiqh of Medicine Level-1. Bi Iznillah we’ll be more visible in Level-2. JazakumAllah khairan katheeran for the opportunity and foresight wa barakallah feekum

Habiba Muutassim


I would assume very few Madrassahs were prepared for this COVID-19 crisis, and many of us have joined this course in response to that. Insha’Allah this can be a big learning experience for us to be more proactive rather than reactive, and madrassah administrators, teachers and parents can use this opportunity to acquaint themselves with these online tools.

May Allah reward everyone at Al Balagh immensely in both worlds for this invaluable service they are offering. It is truly appreciated. Aameen.



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