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With a transformational and ambitious vision to be the Global Islamic knowledge centre, Al Balagh Academy provides universal access to the world’s best Islamic education, collaborating with leading Islamic experts and evolving Islamic institutions.




Al Balagh Academy is a not-for-profit charity that aims to empower and encourage Islamic academia and knowledge in the wider international community with a focus on the development of Muslim scholars, intellectuals, academics, professionals and Muslim women. We aim to become an academic centre of excellence for Islamic research on contemporary topics and issues affecting Muslims, whilst embedding spiritual development into the learning process using diverse pedagogies.

Muslims have remained on the margins of western academia specifically in relation to their religion for far too long and the level of Muslim participation in academic works and debates remains sadly low. Al Balagh seeks to enable Muslims to engage more effectively with contemporary academic literature works and debates and play a greater role in influencing them. This can be achieved by instilling high standards of education, training, confidence, competence and awareness in prospective students. Enhancing and developing mainstream participation in academia by individuals or minority communities that are under- represented in wider academic society, it is an important step towards deepening and strengthening our participation and engaging and influencing the world we live in. Muslims require empowerment and appropriate and relevant Islamic knowledge so that they are able to engage with all aspects of society through their work and lifestyle. This requires education and training which is both relevant and spiritual in its content and delivery.


Al Balagh aims to work at grassroots, by developing and offering tailor made courses for different industries and sectors of Muslim society, whilst embedding spiritual development into the learning process.

Al Balagh aims to equip Muslims through diverse pedagogies, the knowledge, training, skills, resources and materials necessary for them to play a more active role in the academic world and to promote and provide contemporary research in areas relevant to Muslims in western society.

Al Balagh will encourage and promote Muslim academic engagement so that Muslims can actively participate in academic writings, debates and other related academic projects

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