Dr. Ustadha Saleha Gangat

About Dr. Ustadha Saleha Gangat

Dr. Ustadha Saleha Gangat is the co-founder and instructor at Al-Fatihah Learning Academy.

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Ustadha Saleha pursued an Islamic education in Gujrat India at a traditional seminary, receiving her Shahadah al-Alimiyyah. Her seven year studies included Arabic language, and classical texts in the Islamic sciences of Tafseer (exegesis), Hadith (prophetic narrative), Fiqh (jurisprudence) and Tahfeez (memorization of the Qur’an). Dr. Ustadha Saleha was noted to be an outstanding student by many of her teachers who instilled in her a deep love for learning as well as teaching the Islamic sciences.

Dr. Ustadha Saleha began teaching in Toronto, dedicating almost twenty years to serving the youth of this city, while also raising her own family. Dr. Shaykha Saleha latterly pursued further education at the University of Toronto and at McGill University, respectively earning her BScHons in Psychology and Neuroscience and a degree in Medicine.

A mother of four, Dr. Ustadha Saleha is currently a practicing family physician and a dedicated teacher to the students at Al-Fatihah Learning Academy.

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