Al Balagh Tazkiya Retreat Camp

5th January 5pm to 7th January 8pm 2024
For Al Balagh Alimiyyah students

A Brief Pause from Work and Family to Increase Your Connection with Allah

Fee Details

▪️ £100/per person/per room
▪️ Fees include accommodation and food

100% Refund If You Cancel
2nd January

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Al Balagh Academy is delighted to announce an exclusive Tazkiya Retreat Camp tailored for Al Balagh Alimiyyah, Hifz, and Islamic Studies students. This distinguished retreat is accessible by exclusive invitation only. If you have received the esteemed invitation from Al Balagh, we extend a warm welcome to you to complete the registration form, indicating your keen interest in participating.

Additionally, we understand the importance of family, and as such, you have the opportunity to reserve places for your spouse and children (aged 18+). Please note that confirmations will be based on seat availability.

We look forward to hosting you and your family at this enriching retreat experience. Should you have any inquiries or require further assistance, feel free to reach out to us. Your journey toward spiritual growth awaits!


About The Camp

A Brief Pause from Work and Family to Increase Your Connection with Allah

Join us from " 5th January 5pm to 7th January 8pm " for an unparalleled spiritual journey at the Tazkiya Retreat Camp, exclusively organized for Al Balagh Alimiyyah students. This unique retreat is a golden opportunity to deepen your connection with Allah (SWT) away from the distractions of daily life. Immerse yourself in a serene environment where your soul can truly flourish. The retreat promises a comprehensive schedule, from Tahajjud until Isha, focusing on purifying the soul and enhancing your bond with your beloved, Almighty Allah. This is a rare chance to disconnect from the digital world and detoxify your mind, creating space for inner peace and reflection. Embrace this opportunity to sacrifice a few days of family and professional commitments, dedicating yourself fully to exploring and nurturing your closeness to Allah. This selfless act of devotion is a powerful step towards spiritual growth and rejuvenation, offering a unique chance to realign your priorities towards your spiritual well-being.

In the Esteemed Company of Scholars and Pious Figures ...

The retreat is graced by the presence of esteemed Mashaykh and Ulama, offering guidance and wisdom to nurture your spiritual growth. Engage in enriching discussions, gain profound insights, and benefit from the knowledge and experience of these great scholars. Their presence will not only inspire but also provide practical steps towards self-improvement and spiritual enlightenment. The guidance offered by these scholars is invaluable, making this retreat an essential experience for those seeking to elevate their Iman and practice.

A Transformative Experience Awaits

This four-day retreat is designed to offer you a transformative experience, enabling you to return with a renewed sense of purpose and a stronger connection with Allah (SWT). Experience the tranquility of engaging in dedicated worship, introspection, and community bonding. This retreat is not just an event; it’s a journey towards self-discovery and spiritual awakening. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of an exclusive gathering that promises to be a milestone in your spiritual journey. Join us to take a step closer to Allah (SWT), and let this retreat be a turning point in your pursuit of Tazkiya.

Accommodation Details:

▪️ Segregated accommodation for Brothers and Sisters. ▪️ Each room is designated for one person, ensuring privacy and comfort.

Sharing with Family Members:

▪️ If you wish to share your room with a family member of the same gender, you are welcome to do so. ▪️ Please note: Family members must bring their sleeping bags. Fee for additional attendees in the same room is £50/person (same gender only)

Stay in tranquil Markfield, Leicester during the retreat.

Ratby Lane,
Leicestershire LE67 9SY

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