Ustadha Haleh Banani

About Ustadha Haleh Banani

A faith-based life coach, marriage counselor, parent educator, personal development expert and T.V. host. I have committed my 20-year professional career to serve our community by saving hundreds of marriages and helping people all over the world overcome their challenges and transform into the most amazing version of themselves alhamdulillah through my online sessions, T.V. show, online programs and articles.

My focus is on getting tangible results in the shortest possible time. I’ll help you understand the root cause of your difficulty using proven methods and practical techniques that use the latest psychological breakthroughs within sound Islamic principles.

Alhamdullilah, I was internationally recognized for my work as a marriage and Islamic psychology expert on
al-Jazeera, Huda TV, Islamic Open University,Mercy Mission, and received the Icon award in Malaysia. It was an honor to be the first woman to host an Al-Fajr TV show called “With Haleh” where I combined psychology and Islamic principles.

In my practice, I have gained a reputation for achieving amazing results by using fast and effective methods that restore healthy relationships, save marriages, build strong families, heal emotions and rebuild self-esteem.

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