Ustadh Yusuf Ponders

About Ustadh Yusuf Ponders

Yusuf is a researcher and Sapience Institute’s Lighthouse Mentoring manager. He has a 1st class B.A. in Philosophy. His focus has mainly been on Nihilism and the meaning of life, for which he wrote a dissertation and made many videos discussing this subject.

He runs a Youtube channel called “Pondering Soul”, which focuses on Philosophy and Theology. He is also a co-host on the up-and-coming Youtube channel “Thought Adventure Podcast”, as well as regularly featuring on many other da’wah channels.

Yusuf embraced Islam in 2014 and has since studied Islam formerly with a qualified shaykh. He hopes to continue these studies alongside his studies in Philosophy.

Courses by Ustadh Yusuf Ponders

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