Dr. Nesip Mustafa Merter

About Dr. Nesip Mustafa Merter

Dr. Nesip Mustafa Merter, a native of Istanbul, Turkey trained as a medical doctor and received his PhD in Psychiatry in Zurich, Switzerland from Burghölz Psychiatric Hospital. In 1987, he returned to his native Turkey, where he established his private practice in the coastal city of Bodrum. Influenced by the Jungian and Existential Analysis schools, he later translated his experiences into the field of Transpersonal Psychology from a perspective of Sufism. His work highlights the connection with Sufism and psychology and elaborates the connection of Qur’an, hadith and Muslims scholars into his work in psychotherapy. He is currently working on a psychological taweel of the Holy Qur’an. Dr. Merter is the author of the popular book published in Turkish, Nefs Psikolojisi and he is the founder and president of the Turkish Transpersonal Psychology and Psychiatry National Association.

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