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About Al Balagh Academy

Alhamdulillah, 2020 is a year of many milestones for Al Balagh Academy. In just three years, we have attracted more than 60,000 people visiting our website from over 150 countries. Al Balagh Website has witnessed 300000 page views in this short period. Alhamdulillah, we have over 4,500 regular students from over 90 countries and over 550 different cities from across the globe that have enrolled on Al Balagh courses to strengthen their Imaan, enhance their Islamic knowledge, remove their doubts and revive the Islamic spirit. To facilitate seekers of Islamic knowledge from across the globe, we have deployed an easily accessible world-class online learning management system and user-friendly mobile app to provide seamless online and mobile learning experience.

Despite our limited resources, we have achieved tremendously over a short period, all thanks to our Creator. We are now in our next phase of development and working towards offering more than 100 unique online courses and free webinars on some of the most critical aspects, topics, issues that Muslims and Islam confront in the postmodern world. Al Balagh is a nonprofit community-based organization that would like to open doorways to a means of reliable and authentic Islamic information, knowledge, and educational resources to increase opportunities for learning in and beyond the classroom. Our main goal is to provide easy access to quality Islamic education for every Muslim around the world, using Online Technology.

Al Balagh activities are focused on the following themes:

  • Removing Doubts about Islam
  • Reviving Islamic Rulings in the Real-World
  • Cultivating the spirit of Islamic Education
  • Ulama Training & Development
  • Engaging with Muslim Intellectuals, Professionals, Parents and Teachers
  • Empowering Muslim Sisters

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Al Balagh Key Initiatives

Removing Doubts about Islam

Al Balagh Academy is offering online courses and webinars to deconstruct Atheism, Feminism and other ideologies that are creating confusion amongst Muslims. Our main aim is to help the Muslim Ummah revive their faith in Islam and be able to defend Islam in the right way and thwart away misconceptions about Islam. Alhamdulillah more than 1000 students from all over the world have attended these sessions and can respond to criticisms against Islam. Now, we are planning to reach out to thousands of Muslim students studying in Universities and colleges by providing them free access to this unique course. We are also trying to produce a new cohort leadership of Muslim intellectuals, academics and Sharia scholars who will be able to challenge Atheism through research, education and teaching by offering advanced courses on the same subject.

Empowering Muslim Sisters

One of the main goals of Al Balagh is to empower our Muslim sisters across the globe through quality Islamic education and online training. Currently, 1500+ sisters from all around the world, including developing countries, are studying with us; further, we aim to extend this to over five thousand sisters by the end of this year. The aim is to support women in being the best that they can be as mothers, career women, teachers and subject experts, yet maintain their Islamic values and pride. One of the accomplishments that we have achieved this year is to launch a dedicated Takhassus Fil Fiqh Programme exclusively for Sisters, to produce a new generation of advanced female scholarship in the field of Fiqh who can guide the Ummah through education, research and training.

Engaging With Muslim Intellectuals, Professionals, Parents and Teachers

There is no doubt that without parents, teachers, professionals and intellectuals, it is difficult to build and grow a Muslim academic society. Henceforth, we will focus on providing structured online courses for Muslim scholars, professionals, parents and teachers who quest Islamic knowledge and pass it on to the future generations to strengthen their connection with Allah by learning more about the divine knowledge revealed by Allah. The main goal is to build a forum and networks among Ulama, intellectuals, professionals and academics who can work together to revive Islamic values and rulings in the contemporary world.

Reviving Islamic Rulings in the Real-World

We hope our courses will continue to help thousands of Muslims in general and professionals, in particular, learn to apply Fiqh rulings in their practical life and be rewarded here in this world and the hereafter.
We are trying to re-evaluate the most appropriate application of Islamic rulings in the Real-World and take Islamic Fiqh to a deeper level by building networks amongst Ulama, improving engagement with professionals, academics, subject experts. We take a multi-disciplinary approach and produce High-quality Islamic Fiqh literature that could be a source of guidance for Muslim professionals all over the world.
We are now focussing on other industries and professions like family lawyers, barristers, Islamic banking, Islamic teaching, Islamic Journalism and much more.

Cultivating The Spirit of Islamic Education

The growing state of confusion among Muslim Ummah is because of the lack of authentic knowledge or shallow understanding of Classical Islamic text. Therefore, we aim to offer well-structured, short and long-term online courses, webinars, seminars on the Quran, Tafsir, Hadith, Usul Al-Hadith, Fiqh, Usul Al-Fiqh, Aqeedah and various other traditional and classical Islamic studies to help develop and enhance the level of knowledge of our Muslim Ummah. By the end of next year alone, we hope to offer more than 100 courses and will try to reach out to at least 20000+ students.

Ulama Training & Development

Ulama are the bearers of authentic Islamic knowledge and the guidance centre for the Muslim Ummah. In today’s complex world, which has witnessed a series of political and technological revolutions, Ulama has a great responsibility to guide the Muslim Ummah. Our specialised courses are focussed on skills development and capacity building to support and produce a new generation of Ulama who are thinkers and who can serve in a better way and play a more impactful role in our multicultural and multidimensional societies. Those who have a multidisciplinary approach and become internationally recognised subject experts. With a network of over 1000 Ulama who have benefitted from our courses. We have sharpened and upgraded their skills, and we aim to achieve our vision to reach at least 5000+ more UIama through our Tailor-Made courses on various aspects of Islam and Islamic sciences by the end of next year. These courses can grow in their impact and effectiveness and achieve immense goals. We are also offering exclusive online Takhassus programmes on advanced Fiqh, Tafseer, Hadith, Islamic Banking, Halal Food and Islamic Family Law to produce a new generation of Muslim leaders. The latter can guide the Ummah on a global level through education, research and public speaking.

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