The Ahadith of Fasting

Online Ramadan Lecture Series

An opportunity to learn 110+ Ahadith from Sahih al-Bukhari.

The Ahadith of Fasting

About The Course

The holy month of Ramadan is only a few weeks away, and the blessed time will soon be upon us. It is certainly more than just a blessed month. It is an opportunity to transform yourself and route to success in this world and the hereafter. Every year we should aspire for Ramadan to be our best yet. It is not only recommended but highly essential for every Muslim to be aware of the virtues of fasting from the Prophetic tradition and the spiritual channels that we can use to achieve the most out of this blessed month.

The course provides an in-depth conceptual introduction to prophetic traditions related to the subject of fasting. All Ahadith from the Chapter of Fasting from Sahih al-Bukhari (صحيح البخاري‎‎), one of the Kutub al-Sittah (six major hadith collections). These prophetic traditions, ahadith, were collected by the great Muslim hadith scholar Muhammad ibn Isma`il al-Bukhari (ra), after being transmitted orally for generations. This collection of Ahadith is considered the most authentic book after the Holy Quran.

Al Balagh Academy is offering this free course that aims to explore the important Ahadith related to fasting and the wisdom behind it. An exceptional opportunity to learn the noble Ahadith of the Sahih al-Bukhari, covering 110+ Ahadith all explained in detail by leading Sharia scholars during this blessed month of Ramadan.

Course Team

Shaykh-Mustaqeem-Shah (Lecturer, Al Balagh Academy, UK)

Shaykh Mustaqeem Shah

(Lecturer, Al Balagh Academy, UK)


69 Chapters
112 Ahadith

Duration: 4 Weeks

Monday to Thursday

3 PM to 4 PM (London, UK)

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Starts on 11th March 2024

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10th March 2024


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Allah says in Quran: “O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous.”

~ [Quran, 2: 183]


The Chapter of Fasting will be covered from the following book:

Saheeh al-Bukhari - One of the most authentic records of Hadith.

The Ahadith of Fasting

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How is this online course structured?
Our online course comprises live interactive online sessions, pre-recorded videos, online course material that include, presentations, reading material & online learning activities. Students may ask questions and get their doubts cleared from their respective lecturers, if any. Our dedicated academic support team will assist you as required.
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When will the final exam be held?
The Final Exam will be held at the end of the course(approximately one month after the final live lecture of the course) and will be a Graded And Timed Exam.
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Our course grading policy is designed to ensure a comprehensive understanding and mastery of the subject matter. To successfully pass, students are required to achieve a minimum grade of 40% across all courses. Here's how your performance will be evaluated:

  • Weekly Assessment Exams (60% of total points): Throughout the course, you will encounter approximately 5-6  online objective assessments aimed at testing your understanding and honing your skills. These weekly checkpoints are pivotal in tracking your progress and ensuring you're on the right path.
  • Course Final Exam (40% of total points): The culmination of your learning journey is marked by the course final exam. This decisive assessment evaluates your grasp of the entire course content.
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When can I expect to receive my Certificate of Achievement?
Following successful course completion, you will be eligible to receive your digital certificate of achievement. To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:
Completion of All Course Modules: Full engagement with all designated course materials, including readings, assignments, and assessments, is mandatory.

Attainment of the Minimum Passing Threshold: A minimum grade of 40% is required to qualify for the certificate of achievement.

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