Spoken Arabic For Beginners

Spoken Arabic For Beginners

About The Course

Arabic is a vast language that requires time, patience and practice; revision and continuous upgrade in the Arabic language are recommended and necessary. It is not unknown that studying Arabic requires one to invest a lot of time and effort. To ease this, Al Balagh designed this part-time spoken Arabic course for beginners to learn Arabic speaking basics. 

The Spoken Arabic for Beginners online course aims to pave the way for beginners to attain Arabic speaking skills. Arabic speaking is an essential skill and will help learners to interact with the various native Arabs. The ability to speak the Arabic language will allow you to interact with 420 million people in a few of the world’s most politically and financially important regions. This course will enable you to interact in the second-most spoken language and make a conversation in a clear, simple, and engaging manner.

This beginner-level course is designed for those who have a keen interest to learn conversational Arabic. Our exclusive Arabic online course intends to help you learn Arabic as a beginner and navigate your Arabic learning journey through the different levels using expert instructors and the best online technology. 

This course follows a communicative approach, is highly interactive, and will allow you to work on your functional language abilities and access all our Arabic lessons online from the comfort of your home.

The students will learn about the formation of sentences, the relation of different elements to each other, and how they affect under experienced native Arab teachers’ meaning. The course will be delivered through proficient Arabic language teaching methodology, incorporating competent online technology to a small class size of limited students.

Course Team

muslim women

Ustadha Fatima Mesmeh

(Palestinian, Native Arabic Teacher, Cape Town, SA)


20 Live Online Sessions

Duration: 6 Months

Saturdays,5PM-6PM London (Brothers Only)

Class Size: 25 Seats

Video Recordings Available

Access to Mobile App



Live Q & A

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Classes start on 11th November 2023

There will be no formal teaching sessions during Ramadan.


Semester I Course Fee

Pay in Full: £79.99 £49.99

(Considering the prevalent situation due to COVID-19, we are providing 30% scholarship on this Course)

Pay In 6 Installments: £8.33 per month for 6 months

Registration Deadline (Extended)

10th November 2023

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AlBalagh Scholarship is available for learners who cannot afford the fee.

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Course Team

muslim women

Ustadha Fatima Mesmeh

(Palestinian, Native Arabic Teacher, Cape Town, SA)

The course will cover the selected chapters from the following book.

Spoken arabic

Course Overview

Spoken Arabic for Beginners is a practical online course that intends to provide the Shari'a graduates/ advanced Arabic students with an opportunity to develop Arabic speaking skills and to speak Arabic fluently. This beginner-level course does not have any prerequisites.

There will be 16+ sessions, with each session being 2 hours long. The first hour will cover the fundamental principles of Arabic speaking from selected chapters of the Mastering Arabic Book 1. Students will get to interact and learn Conversational Arabic for the next hour.

This course will focus on conversational, modern standard Arabic, public speaking, and a wide range of Arabic vocabulary that can be used in colloquial phrases. The course will cover the various speaking skills that will be practised on a broad range of topics under the guidance of native Arab lecturers to promote relevant oral and listening skills further.
Students will learn the Arabic language under the instruction of experienced native Arab teachers from their homes' comfort. Online learning activities will help improve the Arabic language skills quickly for students. Arabic is a rich language with great heritage in the fields of literature, theology and many sciences. The ability to speak this language fluently will allow you to understand the basics of the magnificent Qurān and few other traditional texts. This course will start your Arabic learning journey with basics in an engaging manner, getting you one big step closer to understanding one of the most popular languages in world history.

Students will have to participate in various speaking activities in the practical sessions that will focus on clarity of language, useful vocabulary, and appropriate grammar suited to the situations. Students can develop their skills by hearing the language being used naturally in an everyday context with professional native speakers and their flawless pronunciations and accents.

Often neglected, speaking skills are as essential as reading and understanding the Arabic language. Our professional online learning environment will use technologies that enable you to practice a casual conversation with a native and immerse in real conversations from the comfort of your homes. The course will help you boost your confidence level and improve your accent and fluency in Arabic speaking.
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Learning Objectives

Upon Successful Completion, Students Will Have The Knowledge And Skills To:

  • Demonstrate refined and advanced accent and fluency in Arabic speaking.
  • Build confidence in maintaining the daily situational face-to-face conversations in Arabic.
  • Understand the modern standard Arabic conversations on a foundational level.
  • The understanding of various grammatical rules and words used to form sentences.
  • Gain necessary public speaking skills on a range of vocabulary used in colloquial phrases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Al Balagh courses recognised or accredited?
Al Balagh courses do not provide an externally accredited or recognised qualification. Our own expert team works at the course content. With over 5000+ learners, we are continuously growing and our vision is to make Al Balagh qualifications renowned worldwide through our expert team, without seeking formal accreditation or recognition from external institutional bodies.
How is this online course structured?
Our online course comprises live interactive online sessions, pre-recorded videos, online course material that include, presentations, reading material & online learning activities. Students may ask questions and get their doubts cleared from their respective lecturers, if any. Our dedicated academic support team will assist you as required.
When will I have access to the online course material?
Upon successful enrollment, you will get access to myAlBalagh (our online learning portal) within 24 hours.
Will I get notification for live sessions?
All students will receive notification for their course live sessions via email and/or course WhatsApp group. You may also check the Course Schedule tab on your dashboard after logging in on our website or Mobile App.
Is it mandatory to attend live sessions?
We always encourage attending live sessions among students, but it is not compulsory for technical course progress of the students.
I missed a live session. Can I get the video recordings?
If you are unable to attend a live session or have missed it, you can view recorded sessions on your course dashboard. You can access all the completed Recordings, PPT and assessments anytime.
Can I download the recordings and watch it offline?
You can download recordings and PPT of the course sessions from the myAlBalagh mobile App for all the enrolled courses.The recordings will be available for students after 48 hours of the live session.
Do I get marks for watching course recordings and presentations?
There are no additional marks for watching the course recordings. Only the module Assessments and the final exam add up to the final score.You can check the individual scores of your Assessments under the Progress tab of myAlBalagh.
I have doubts but I cannot attend the live session. Any other way to ask my questions?
You can discuss your doubts via Course WhatsApp Group dedicated for student discussion or access the Discussion Board on myAlBalagh. It is a platform for you to ask questions, discuss and get your doubts cleared.
When will the final exam be held?
The Final Exam will be held at the end of the course and will be a Graded And Timed Exam.
How do I interact with my classmates?
You can interact with your classmates on our Whatsapp Group exclusive for the course students. Furthermore, you can use the Discussion Board to connect with other course students as well.
How long will I have access to the online course?
You will have access to the online course content for up to 2 years. If you want lifetime access, contact our admin team via Email at [email protected].
I am facing trouble signing into the “myAlBalagh” Online Student portal. What should I do?
In case you find any trouble accessing your account, then please contact us immediately. Our dedicated support team will ensure that your problem gets resolved at the earliest.
How can I apply for the Al Balagh Scholarship?
Al Balagh Academy values seekers of knowledge more than anything. Please visit  here to apply for a scholarship. Our team will assess your application and respond in 2-3 working days.

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