24th June 2018, Sunday

7:30-9:00 PM BST

(Covert to your local time)


An online panel discussion and Q & A with expert panellists to highlight, discuss and address contentious issues such as

1. Examining causal links between Media and Race and Religious Hate
2. Defining Extremism
3. Is Islamophobia Britains latest bigotry blind spot?
4. What should muslims make of the recent UK Integrated Communities Strategy Green Paper


Shaykh Dr Rafaqat Rashid

Academic Director, Al Balagh Academy, Bradford


Asim Qureshi

Research Director CAGE, Co-editor at Bookslamist and Author ar Hurst Publishers

Dr Shahzad Amin

CEO of MEND, Psychiatrist and Expert witness in Clinical Negligence.

Dr Rizwaan Sabir

Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Criminology, working on counterterrorism, counterinsurgency and armed Muslim groups.

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