Islamic Perspective to Withdrawing Life Support

Switching off life support can be a difficult decision for both family and doctors. What is the Islamic perspective to withholding or withdrawing treatment – in dead and living patients? Are DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) orders permissible and when? How should Muslim doctors and family members respond to these critical situations? Want to know from an expert then join this free interactive webinar with Shaykh Dr Rafaqat Rashid to know more and ask your critical questions.

Sunday, 22nd September 2019
5:00-06:30 PM BST

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Shaykh Dr Rafaqat Rashid

Shaykh Dr Rafaqat Rashid

Director, Al Balagh Academy

Shaykh Dr Rafāqat Rashid is a traditional Muslim scholar, General Practitioner, professional trainer and educator. He is the co-founder of al-Balagh Academy and Course Director of many of its courses such as its popular medical fiqh programme. He is one of the senior lecturers at JKN as the main teacher of Arabic Grammar known for his extraordinary way of teaching Arabic Grammar which attracts students from many different towns. He is a staff writer for Al-Mu’min Magazine known for his articles “Ask a Muslim Doctor” and “Living Islām in Modern Times”. An academic in the field of Islamic medical ethics and medical law having obtained his Masters from the University of Manchester on the subject of Muslim scholarly debates on the issue of Organ Transplantation, and also holding the title of honorary lecturer at the University of Leeds.


The Fiqh of Medicine Course – Level 1