Ustadh Shaykh Abbas Ahsan

Ustadh Shaykh Abbas Ahsan

About Ustadh Shaykh Abbas Ahsan

Shaykh Abbas is an Islamic Scholar who has graduated from the renowned Islamic Seminary, Darul – Uloom Bury (UK). He has further managed to obtain a BA (Hons) in Interdisciplinary Human Studies from the University of Bradford which explicitly combines the established arts subjects of Philosophy and Literature with the newer social sciences of Psychology and Sociology. Having specialized in the discipline of Philosophy he subsequently pursued an MA in (Analytic) Philosophy of Religion at the University of Leeds.

Abbas has tutored various modules in Philosophy at the University of Leeds and has worked on the Leeds Philosophy Exchange project as a Postgraduate Facilitator since its initiation in 2012. He is currently a teaching assistant for the Philosophy into Schools undergraduate module at the University of Leeds. He is also an Associate Philosophy Practitioner for Thinking Space (an organization which promotes philosophical dialogue and enquiry).

His research interests lie in the areas of: Analytic Philosophy and Theology, Metaphysics, Logic, Philosophy of Religion, and Islamic/Arabic Philosophy. Abbas, at present, is a doctoral researcher at the John Hick Centre for Philosophy of Religion which is situated at the University of Birmingham. His research is in the area of Analytic Theology. His thesis focuses on the methodology and possible application of Analytic Philosophy in the Islamic tradition.

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