Alhamdulillah! Al Balagh Academy is growing, and now is an excellent opportunity for you to share your knowledge with thousands of Muslim seekers around the world with us!

Interested in Partnering with Al Balagh Academy?

Al Balagh Academy aims to collaborate and partner with various subject experts, Shari’a scholars and different institutions from all over the world; academic institutions, organisations, non-profit institutions, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

We hope to combine our advanced technological expertise with the knowledge and experience of subject experts/Shari’a scholars and institutional partners.

We seek partners who share our vision to preserve the Prophetic legacy, and the aim to provide easy access of authentic Islamic knowledge to everyone, everywhere in the world connected online.

We aim to partner with individuals/institutions who are prepared to commit in two fundamental ways:

  • Through strategic, in-demand course content contributions; and
  • Through effective service and value, that will contribute to the education of the Ummah.

We look forward to hearing more about you and/or your institution, your present position and future aspirations in online learning; subject specialisation online courses, short-term online courses, micro-credentials, and/or long-term programmes.


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