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1. Atheism and Islam
3.The free slave.

2. A Muslim’s Guide to Science and Scientism
1.Science and Scientism
2.What Is Scientism?
3.Life of Scientism
4.Scientism resurrected
3. Science & Religion: A Concern?
1.Does science lead to atheism?
2.Does science disprove religious claims?
3.Can neuroscience fully explain consciousness?
4. Mind Your Religious Language!
1.Why is there a problem with religious language?
2.What is the philosophy of language?
3.Preamble: The problem of religious language
4.The problem of predication
5.The problem of reference
6.The problem of verification
5. Is Islam Rational?
1.What is justification?
2.What is truth?
3.What is rationality?
4.Is Islam a rational belief?.
6. Islam, Evolution and Darwinism
1.Science and certainty
2.State of Darwinism – P.A.D
3.God and Darwinism
4.Why Darwinism is unique
5.Islam and Science.
7. Islam - The Truth!
1.Islam is the truth? Prove it!
2.Those who accept God and Prophecy (Christians, etc.)
3.Those who accept God, deny prophecy (Nons, etc.)
4.The attributes of God
5.Moral teaching
6.Moral comprehensiveness
7.The Revelation
8.The finality of islam.
8. The Problem of Evil
1.What is the Problem of evil?
2.Types of the Problem of Evil.
3.Defenses and theodicies.
4.Evil in Islamic thought.
5.The Mu’tazilite view.
6.Abu Mansur al-Maturidi on evil.
7.Ash’arite sceptical theism.
8.The problem of animal suffering.
9.Evolutionary problem of evil..

9. Reasons for Misinterpreting the Holy Quran
1.Activity 1– Every living thing is made out of water
2.Activity 2– Geocentrism vs Heliocentrism
3.Activity 3- Prophet Adam (as) and evolution
4.Principles and conditions for correct interpretation
5.How the Quran is misinterpreted Conditions of Taqwa to gain truth in interpretation of verses
6.Who can truly interpret verses of Quran 7.Sources (usul al-tafsir)
8.Taqwa its attributes and importance
9.Belief in the unseen
10.Supernaturalism vs Naturalism
11.Belief in Revelation (Qur’an/ Hadith)
12.Life after death and belief in Hereafter.
10. Is the Holy Quran Really a Miracle
1.Qur’anic inimitability
2.Some arguments for the Qur’an’s inimitability
3.Rationality of miracles
4.The Maturidites and miracles
5.Notes on Ijaz.
11. Spirituality, The Food of Reason
1.Iman is a gift of Allah
2.Ex-Muslims – Case Studies
3.Losing their religion: the hidden crisis of faith among Britain’s young Muslims – Case Studies
4.Why are some people deprived?
5.Developing spirituality.
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