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Ramadan is the month of charity and an opportunity to get immense reward from Allah (S.W.T). Make the best use of this opportunity and reap immeasurable rewards from Allah (S.W.T) by supporting Al Balagh Academy achieve its important goals with your kind donations.

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Mumtaz Baig

(Al Balagh Supporter)

I am fundraising to help Al Balagh Academy fulfill its mission of making Islamic Education more accessible to Muslim Ummah across the globe. I believe that the academy is doing excellent work in online Islamic education, teaching and research. I believe that as a community we should support the Academy to invest in our future and secure the future of our next generations. I look for your support to raise £2000 this blessed month. Your generous donations will be rewarded by the almighty Allah (S.W). Please make a contribution as much as you can.

Thank you in advance for your generous support.

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