Course Details

Course Overview

Al Balāgh Mastering Arabic Level 1 online course is designed for those who have a keen interest to learn classical Arabic. Our exclusive Arabic online course intends to help you learn Arabic as a beginner and navigate your Arabic learning journey through the different levels using expert instructors and the best of online technology. The course will develop skills in reading, speaking and writing Classical Arabic.
This course will incorporate relevant contemporary Arabic, coupled with classical Arabic. Students will learn how to speak, write, read the Arabic language and apply

this understanding to Quranic text interpretation under the guidance of teachers who have mastered the Arabic language. It will cover the rules of grammar syntax and morphology (nahw and sarf) and a range of literary and non-literary reading course material to improve essential comprehension skills.
This specialised course will enable students to achieve an in-depth grasp and understanding of the dynamics of the Arabic language, with its associated grammatical roots. The students will learn about the formation of sentences, the relation of different elements to each other, and how these relations affect the meaning from qualified and renowned Muslim scholars and academics. The course will be delivered through proficient Arabic language teaching methodology, incorporating competent online technology to a small class size of limited students.

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Learning Objectives

The course aims to provide students with:

  • Foundational rules of grammar and syntax (nahw and sarf).
  • The ability to read classical Arabic literature.
  • The understanding of various grammatical rules and words used to form sentences.
  • Basics of classical Arabic Handwriting (sentences and prose).
  • Translation and understanding of the Qur’anic text.  

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, students will:

  • Understand the foundational rules of grammar and syntax (nahw and sarf).
  • Be able to read various types of classical Arabic literature.
  • Learn how to combine various grammatical concepts, words and sentences to form speech.
  • Write basic sentences and paragraphs in classical Arabic.
  • Gain the ability to translate and understand Qur’anic text.

 Course Details

Currently this batch is open for enrolment. However we are considering opening enrolments for a few other batches. Select the most feasible batch for you.

Batch No Day GMT BST EST Register Interest
1 Sunday 8AM - 12PM 9AM - 1PM 4AM - 8AM
2 Monday/Tuesday 6PM – 9 PM 7PM – 10 PM 2PM - 5PM
3 Sunday 9AM - 1PM 10AM - 2PM 5AM - 9AM
4 Monday/Tuesday 7PM – 9PM 8PM – 10PM 3PM - 5PM

Note: if we receive a minimum of 15 students interested in a batch, only then we will open enrolment for that particular batch.

The course will be delivered in a series of live online classes, tutorials, presentation-based lectures, textbook-based traditional lectures, and seminars, all delivered live online. The recordings will be uploaded onto our myAlbalagh student’s learning portal (24/7 Accessibility from a web browser and Mobile App) for students to review and revise at their own pace and convenience.Our distinctive approach relates to our four-level structure, making it more holistic and flexible.
The Programme has been divided into four levels:
  1. Mastering Arabic Level 1
  2. Mastering Arabic Level 2
  3. Mastering Arabic Level 3
  4. Mastering Arabic Level 4
The course will be taught exclusively by qualified Shariah scholars and Arabic language experts in English using online technology.
  • Completely online: Online education has enabled pursuing almost every course and programme easy. Students can attend the live classes from the comfort of their home and complete their sacred journey of Islamic learning without compromising on other commitments.
  • Online learning activities: Students can get access to the course content and complete the coursework from anywhere and at any time. Online learning activities ensure notable progress in students’ knowledge of the course content and adds to the final score.
  • Flexible batches: This course is delivered in four different batches simultaneously, to be feasible for as many people as possible. Students can choose the most suitable batch for them according to their time zone and study via live sessions at their convenience.

Upon successful completion of the four levels of Mastering Arabic Course, students will be awarded:
الشهادة الثانوية العامة في اللغة العربية