Due to coronavirus pandemic, thousands of Makatib/Madaris around the globe are scrambling to move classes online, struggling to get quick and essential training on online teaching and using online applications for Maktab teaching.
Al Balagh is working tirelessly to provide all the possible support and resources to help our Maktab community. We want to ensure that our Maktab community across the globe can continue their teaching online with least disruption and can continue to provide essential Islamic education to thousands of students without interruption, using online applications.

Free Dedicated Helpline

Get free guidance and support for online Maktab teaching, using zoom and other applications.

Bespoke Training

Our bespoke training on Online teaching services includes tailored training sessions for your team, personalised as per your requirement.  

One-to-one Consulting

One-to-one free consulting on online teaching to evaluate your current situation and provide solutions.

Online Teaching Solutions

Are you struggling to move your classes online or facing multiple issues while delivering online classes? Are you unsure about the suitable online teaching technology compliant with the Islamic values of Maktab teaching environment? Do you want to train your teaching and admin team with online teaching skills to maximise their potential? Or are you new to online administration, and do not know how to handle remote management and administration effectively?

No need to worry! We are here to help you. We are offering one-to-one free consulting, free bespoke training sessions for your teaching team. If required, we can also offer an exclusive training session by our female trainers for your female teachers.

Our Process

Our experts will understand your requirements in the first meeting, and based on it; we will design a personalised bespoke training solution for your Maktab team.


With years of experience in online teaching, we will ensure that you move your classes online with least disruption, adapt to the online teaching environment quickly, and continue the education without interruption.

One-to-one Consulting & Bespoke Training

We will offer free one to one consulting and bespoke training solutions for your maktab after evaluating your requirements.

Free Guidance and IT Support

Our experienced team will provide continuous guidance and IT support to ensure that you start managing your online classes independently with confidence and learn how to address the issues effectively.


Sisters Only Training

We have a dedicated team of female trainers to provide exclusive training sessions to our female teachers.

Our Approach  

In our approach to helping the Maktab community during the COVID-19, we take time to fully understand your training and consulting requirements, as well as your organisation’s cultural and developmental aspirations. Our qualified training team use their experience and skills to offer free personalised online training sessions on online teaching to our Maktab community, which is in-line with their values.    

Our training team use the breadth of their experience to offer bespoke training for all types of Makatib on online teaching. We also help and advise on best ways of planning and evaluation of available options of online teaching and implementation of best-suited online teaching environment for your Maktab. This will ensure that you achieve the best results in the most time effective way.




Tailor-made Training

When it comes to training, “one size does not fit all.” We believe that our Makatib requires specialised bespoke training for their admin team and personalised one-to-one consultation for online teaching. Whether you are looking for training-need analysis, a custom orientation session for your teaching team, or exclusive sessions for students’ parents, we have the solution.

Free IT Support Helpline

Our experienced team will ensure to guide you throughout the transition period or adjustment period by providing effective IT solutions and technical support on a dedicated helpline so that you can get quick support when you need it.

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