Introduction to Philosophy of Religion

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Introduction to Philosophy of Religion

About the Course

An Introduction to Philosophy of Religion will cover such topics as the concept of God, miracles, religious experience, as well as theistic arguments such as the cosmological, design, and ontological arguments! This course provides a unique opportunity to cultivate critical thinking skills, encouraging students to examine philosophical ideas and arguments from diverse perspectives, including from an Islamic perspective. Join us in fostering a deeper understanding of the profound issues that shape our worldview. Whether you're new to philosophy or seeking to deepen your insights, this course promises to be an enlightening intellectual journey into the heart of the dialogue between philosophy and religious thought.

Course Team

Ustadh Jamie B. Turner

(Doctoral Researcher,Philosophy of Religion, University of Birmingham)


10 Live Online Sessions

Duration: 3+ Months

Sundays, 3 PM - 4:30 PM (London, UK)

1.5 hrs per lecture (15 hrs)

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Starts on 30th June 2024

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